Double Happiness

Double Happiness is a Johor-based manufacturer and distributor of baby products. We offer an exclusive online shopping experience and excellent customer service. Our online baby shop has the full range of baby products including baby snacks like as veggie pancake, baby macaroni, fusilli, rice popcorn and more.

Double Happiness 是一家生产及销售婴儿食品的专卖店。他们筛选符合规格及高品质的食材从而生产出最好的婴儿食品,让宝宝吃的开心,妈妈也放心。除此之外,现在也可以在他们的官网页上选购你所想要的婴儿食品,直接快递到送到你家,让妈妈们提供更方便的购物体验