KB Curtain & Interior Decoration

KB Curtain & Interior Decoration is a company that supplies curtains and home decoration products. A wide range of products that includes curtain, bamboo blind, bathroom accessories, wallpaper, custom made sofa, kitchen accessories, roller blind, and venetian blind etc., are available. Customers are invited to visit the showroom so that they can browse through the variety of curtain designs to select their favourite.

KB Curtain & Interior Decoration提供符合消费者需求的新颖窗帘和配件等的定制服务。多样化的产品种类还包括了传统、卷帘、电动帘及智能家居等。从选择布料,制作直到安装都由KB Curtain专业团队包办以为顾客提供满意的产品及服务。